Take me home

I’m straining to reach the light at the surface and before my eyes, it goes off. I’m fighting to hold still but breathing is so hard. Can you feel the harsh response of the breeze on your skin too?  Are you losing time to this chain that locks us captive? Or am I losing reality […]

If you stay

I have had nightmares of you leaving me, I have had daymares of our love ending. Now I’m in-between fears, freightened to sleep at night and terrified to blink in the day afraid that if I blinked too much or closed my eyes too long, you won’t be here when I open them. You tell […]


She went on her knees begging him to stay,  “One more night,” she pleaded, “please give me one more night to remind you of how much my body means to you,” He looked away kicking her aside but she continued, “let me rest my head on your chest and listen to your heartbeat, let me […]


Sade stirs in irritation and groans in soreness as her eyelids swing open, she rolls her eyes as she turns to face the room mirror,  looking around her she made no effort to stand or sit up straight, Minutes pass and she knows she should get up, to atleast close the curtains to save her […]


She just turned twenty nine, Just like everyone, reality met denial and at night it haunted her. * * She was undoubtedly Beautiful, Tightly shaped with the right smile, Pointed nose and lit eyes, Curled lashes and full lips, She was built to perfection and she knew it… Until she didn’t,   Her voice became […]